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Amsoil Celebrating 31 Years of Excellence

A Bobby Unser AMS OIL Experience:

I was running the Pikes Peak Hill Climb (in 1976) in a car equipped with a very special rear end that gave me an edge over the other guys. The rear end was fitted with some 1948 Ford parts which you just couldn't buy anymore. They were getting harder and harder to find, and here I was, destroying some of them in one practice day!

Well, I knew that had to stop soon, or I'd have to use a different rear end and probably lose my competitive edge. I called a friend who has a good engineering background and I told him I was looking for a gear lube with the best extreme pressure characteristics possible. His immediate answer was AMSOIL.

I called the company in Superior, WI and they put me in touch with a local dealer. Between working with the dealer and Al Amatuzio (CEO of AMSOIL), I learned some amazing things about AMSOIL.

I receive products from all over the world for testing and evaluation, but when I put AMSOIL in the rear end, I had never seen anything like it! I went from totally destroying the rear end in one day, to using the one through 3 days of practice, a day of qualifications, a day of racing and it was still good! Where I used to go through one rear end a day, now I used the same one the whole season and it was still like new! I was amazed then, and I still am now.

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