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Powerstroke Information

Ford Powerstroke

Motor Oil, interval and Filter Recommendation For Ford Powerstroke Diesel Trucks & Excursion

Improve your powerstroke's performance easily with AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel and Gear Lubricants.

Ford Turbo Diesel Owners Reduce Costs and Improve Performance

AMSOIL HD 15W40 and 5W30 increases MPG 3% to 8%

The #1 comment is regarding the improved mileage and smoother engine performance. AMSOIL is the only diesel oil designed for extended intervals which can resist the added sheer caused by new diesel emissions systems which increase soot, heat and average engine RPM. Find out why people have trusted AMSOIL Diesel oils since 1976.

Reach 21,000 + miles before changing oil.

Use the By-Pass filter system to reach 100,000 and beyond.

AMSOIL Bypass System with new AMS-Oiler pre lube kit.

Ford Powerstroke 7.3 (94-03) uses the AMSOIL SDF-99 Oil Filter and the BMK-16 By-Pass Kit

1994 to 2003 - Engine uses 14 quarts with filter.

New 6.0 uses the new AMSOIL PCF-60 Air Filter, SDF-88 Oil filter, and the FFK-60 Fuel Filter. (new product information below)

New 6.0 Donaldson Power Core Air Filters available from AMSOIL

The PowerCore filter meets the need for a compact, high-performance air filtration solution for the Ford truck series. The unmatched advanced PowerCore technology, introduced in 2001 and first used in off-road equipment and heavy-duty truck air intake applications, is an alternative to larger, conventional air filter systems.

"The PowerCore high-density filter media package, smaller size and straight-through air flow design gives Ford Motor Company unbeatable filtration for the increased horsepower of its new F-Series truck," said Marty Barris, director of air filtration, Donaldson Company. "Superior PowerCore filtration in a smaller package delivers size-reduction options that other filtration technologies can't offer." Please email or call to order the PCF-60 for your 6.0 F-Series Super Duty Truck.

Oil change recommendations:

First, be sure you have surpassed the recommended 10,000 mile break in period. The Ford Powerstroke manual calls for 14 quarts for an oil change. The manufacturers recommendation is 5,000-miles or six months. AMSOIL HDD Series 3000 5W30 and AME 15W40 is rated for all turbodiesel engines, heavy-duty diesel engines, non-turbodiesel engines, and light duty diesel engines for drain intervals at least twice the recommended interval or 6-months whichever comes first. Extend your changes further as outlined below using our simple Oil Analysis kits. Simply order the kits which include postage both ways and send in your sample. Call us for the current kit price. These will be sent UPS.

  • ANALYSIS Kit part # - G1451
  • ANALYSIS Pump is # - G1206 (comes with extra hose for taking samples)

Increase economy even more using the new AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W90 or 75W140 which has a interval of 100,000 miles.

Keep it simple

We have many Ford Powerstroke customers who have simply gone to a 15,000 mile interval of changing both filters on the bypass unit and no analysis. No, they are not draining the oil - Just changing the filters. (If you want to extend longer then we suggest the Oil Analysis kits) One dealer suggests changing the full flow and bypass filter at 10,000 miles for the first service, then 15,000 miles each time after that. You should never have to actually drain the engine oil using this procedure.

The below is using AMSOIL w/o the bypass system:

I suggest taking a oil sample before you convert to AMSOIL just to see the current condition of the oil and wear patterns especially if you bought your truck used. Then once you have installed the appropriate AMSOIL synthetic oil and filter, change your filter and top off at your next normal interval. Example, If you are doing 5000 mile oil changes currently, change your AMSOIL SDF filter at that point (no longer than 7,000 w/o analysis), then top off the oil. You should now be able to reach 10,000 and up to 20,000 miles if using oil analysis (with a filter change in the center of that interval) then drain and fill with your next filter.

That is the basic coverage for AMSOIL's synthetic diesel motor oils as stated on the data sheets. AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils are designed to last at least twice the manufacturers recommended interval because AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel oils are designed to neutralize oxidants and withstand higher operating temperatures due to current and future emission controls.

I personally suggest once you reach the manufacturers recommended interval or 7,000 miles, to change the oil filter (AMSOIL SDF-99 or 88) and top off. At this point you may want to get the engine back to operating temperature and pull a sample for your own piece of mind. Our kits are postage paid and simple to use. More about that below. Next when you reach your next incremental interval, you can drain or sample again as needed. In many cases the sample will come back, "No Corrective Action Required. Oil Is Suitable for Continued Use. Resample at Next Normal Interval." If you were using the By-Pass system, you would not drain, but just change the appropriate filter.

If you have not seen the data on AMSOIL's superior synthetic diesel product, before you leave please visit our Diesel Oil section but first check out the By-Pass filter section below. AMSOIL 15W40 and Series 3000 5W30 is best priced in our 4-gallon case or larger containers.

The most common comment I get from my diesel customers (most use the lower price 15W40) is, "I expected a little increase in mileage but nothing like this! I can't believe it!"

With the 15W40 you simply cannot get a better value in motor oil. Since 1976 this has been improved constantly to exceed all future engine, EPA and API requirements. Try it out and you will never switch back. If you are in extreme low temperature areas, we also suggest the AMS-Oiler for easier winter starting.

Change your Mind - NOT Your Oil!

Switch to AMSOIL 15W40 or 5W30 HDD save time, fuel and cut your oil consumption significantly.

This means your use of AMSOIL HDD in your Powerstroke can generally be used up to 25,000 miles w/ analysis or 6 months if no analysis is used. Knowing that Ford designs these intervals to be conservative (using conventional SAE 40 motor oils), the use of an oil analysis will generally prove that the AMSOIL HDD (or AME) is still within the proper specs regarding to alkalinity, wear metals, soot, NOx% (nitration and oxidation), water, fuel, etc.. The ANALYSIS company makes the recommendation but you see the results yourself. Why in the world would you change the oil if it's still good? And why would you use another oil when AMSOIL users experience instant fuel economy increases of 5% to 15%?? (6% to 15% when AMSOIL is used through out the power train and intake filters)

It is highly likely when using analysis (cost less than $20.00) that the results will return saying - "continue use till next interval - change filter if not done at last sample and top off.." It's still good! you save money, have a new filter and replaced about 2-quarts raising the level of acid and soot control even when new EGR systems are used.

By running analysis at the Ford recommended intervals (7000 miles) and changing the filter at that time of the (SDF-99 filter for Powerstroke) interval you will likely reach 20,000 miles on that oil and save the cost of several changes, less wear on your engine and better gas mileage. With analysis you always win! Just benchmark it the first time around.

"I'm so tired of $60+ oil changes every 3 weeks and having to wait and watch over some one else change my oil! What is bulk oil anyway?" AMSOIL 15W40 is the solution to this problem!

For your first order (example 1994 and newer 7.3 TD) order two SDF-99 filters, one 4-gallon case of (AME) 15W40, one or two test kits (G-1451) and 1 can of our (AEF-CN) engine flush for high mileage changeovers when converting to synthetic for the first time. For other engines there are several different filters so just provide the year and engine on your order request or catalog request.

If using the engine flush, I first start by purchasing a local oil filter just for the engine flush. This will also bring the oil level down enough to add the cans (follow instructions on can - one can per 5 quarts sump) and catch more of the deposits assuming your current filter has expired.

Most AMSOIL diesel customers buy direct to get the best price and ordering simplicity.

By-Pass Remote Filtration Units - Eliminate virtually all engine wear

BMK-16 (complete with filters ) International Diesels, Ford Powerstroke (etc)

  • SDF-26 and BE-100 (Filters Included)
  • By-Pass Filtration (BMK-16)

Use our By-Pass filtration kits and extend changes even further (Filters down to 1/10 micron particle size and will hold up to a quart of water).. If you don't use AMSOIL use the By-pass kit at least. It filters 5 quarts in 5 minutes at 45 miles per hour. When using AMSOIL HDD Diesel your engine will run smother, quieter and many even notice an increase in power. Our gear and differential lubes will add to the economy. These are mostly used by large fleets but we have hundreds of individual customers using them. Recently the entire state of North Carolina performed extensive studies proving the relevancy and value of these units in their busses. Most don't believe it at first, but now because of the use of the By-Pass filters and analysis they now clock over 100,000 miles on the oil and the life of their trucks are extended by several years. (Most use the low cost Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine 15W-40, AMSOIL grease, 75W-90 gear lube and the Universal ATF in the automatics.)

If you want to avoid problems with soot and deposits, the By-Pass is your solution. Call us for price or start the wholesale account today.

For your Ford Powerstroke or International Diesels order the BMK-16 mounting system. Includes the SDF-26 full flow filter and the BE-100 By-Pass unit. For more information please visit the description on the AMSOIL filter kits.

In Turbodiesel applications our AMSOIL SDF Full-Flow Filters are recommended for 7000 miles or 6 months whichever comes first. Change other manufactures' filters at the engine manufacturer's recommended filter change intervals.

In Heavy Duty Diesel trucks it in not unusual for the engine manufacturer to recommend 25,000 and 50,000 without By-Pass filtration. Mack has designed an engine for 40,000 miles per change recently. AMSOIL has been tested on the road using analysis and By-Pass filtration for up to 409,000 miles.

For the best price on all AMSOIL products sign up as a Preferred Customer for just $20 per year and order direct wholesale. For more information visit - AMSOIL Preferred Customer.

See Diesel data sheets here: Diesel Oils

TS-103 and TS-118 AMSOIL Flowzair Air filter for Ford 7.3 Powerstrokes

Air restriction will kill performance in a TURBO charged diesel. Take advantage of AMSOIL's newly re-engineered 2-stage foam air filters. Same pricing, better materials. A properly designed dual-stage oiled-foam element traps dirt better than any other filter media. AMSOIL has recently upgraded their materials for more dispersant area in the foam. The 2nd stage material is a new Polyethylene closed cell based mater treated with a new filter oil. This new material contains 125,000 ppi3 (pores per cubic inch). And the 1st stage a new 8000 ppi3 pores per cubic inch. Delivers a phenomenal 2000 SQft of filtration surface area per cubic foot of filter media. More contamination trapping surface area than any filter known. Now an 18% better air flow and 99.5% cumulative efficiency rating.

Also re-designed is the gasket sealing edge utilizing a new base material. A blue Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which not only looks better, but also creates an un-compromised seal, better fit and designed to be used over several times. Vibration proof positive sealing with as little as 10% compression and more.

The metal support frame has been improved to an 18-gauge and the hole size changed to 3.96 mm circular–turbo-perforations to assure air flow is maximized! Typically weaker materials would flex under turbocharger vacuum.

We can also offer you a great price on Hastings fuel filters which should not be ignored for regular maintenance or you may loose all performance. The fuel filters are the most overlooked part in most diesel engines.

Q. I have a 2001 Ford F-350 Pickup with a Powerstroke Diesel with 7000 miles. I'm getting ready to change over to synthetic oil. What AMSOIL motor oil would you recommend to use?

A. AMSOIL Series 3000 5W30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil is our premium top of the line product. While there are best uses for both our Series 3000 and our AMSOIL 15W40 Diesel and Marine Oil, Series 3000 is our recommendation for the Ford Powerstroke engine. It surpasses the API Energy Conserving Rating requirements designed to provide significant fuel savings. It has highly effective anti foam agents to prevent oil foaming. Series 3000 offers better protective film at higher temperatures than conventional SAE 40 oils while retaining fluidity at subzero temperatures.

AMSOIL now offers premium PowerCore® Air Filters for Ford 6.0L Diesel PowerStroke™ and H2 Hummer 6.0L Vortec™ applications. The rugged structure of PowerCore® filters features an innovative, layered, fluted filter media which allows air to enter an open flute while forcing it out an adjacent flute, allowing only clean air into the engine. Dirty air is effectively filtered and cleaned in only one pass through the media.

  • Ten times more efficient than standard filter designs
  • Increased contaminant holding capacity
  • Eliminate media movement, expansion, contracting and bunching
  • Contaminants remain trapped and won’t dislodge during servicing
  • Lighter, smaller design simplifies filter servicing

AMSOIL FFK-60 Fuel Filter for Ford 6.0L DieselPowerStroke™ Applications

The AMSOIL FFK-60 Fuel Filter incorporates both a primary and secondary filter for maximum fuel cleanliness. The primary 10 micron filter, located in the horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module (HFCM), performs initial fuel cleansing before sending the clean pressurized fuel to the secondary four micron filter, mounted to the oil filter housing. The secondary fuel filter includes a fuel pressure regulator and an orifice on top of the housing that bleeds air out of the housing and back to the fuel tank. Following its trip through the secondary filter, fuel is returned to the HFCM, where it is either directed to the tank returned to the primary filter.

AMSOIL SDF-88 Oil Filter for Ford 6.0L DieselPowerStroke™ Applications

Constructed of a highly efficient synthetic blend media, the AMSOIL SDF-88 Oil Filter provides increased engine life and improved filtration efficiency. The AMSOIL SDF-88 is a cartridge style filter located on the top of the engine. When the filter is removed during servicing, the oil filter housing drain valve automatically opens, draining the oil from the housing to the pan. The oil filter base of the SDF-88 directs oil to the oil filter, engine oil pressure switch (EOP), engine oil temperature sensor (EOT) and turbocharger oil feed. The filter base also includes an anti-drain back check valve, keeping oil in the filter assembly when the engine is shut off.

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