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Automotive and Fleet Test Pricing

Oil Analyzers Inc. professional oil analysis services may be purchased by calling AMSOIL INC. at (800) 956-5695

For Customer Service:
e-mail at: [email protected] or call toll free
ph: 866-240-8541
Product Name

Unit Price

G-1206 Oil Pump $24.50
G-1571 Replacement Hose-25 Ft. for OAI Pump $11.35
Prices for AMSOIL Inc Dealer/Commercial/Preferred Customer Accounts:
G-1318 OAI Kit-Non Postage Paid (1) $15.20
G-1321 OAI Kits-Non-Postage Paid Kits (50) $737.00
G-1322 OAI Kits-Non-Postage Paid (100) $1445.00
G-1451 OAI Kit-Postage Paid (1) $19.20
G-1454 OAI Kits-Postage Paid (50) $932.50
G-1455 OAI Kits-Postage Paid (100) $1825.00
Prices for Non-Preferred Customer (Non-AMSOIL Inc Accounts):
G-1318 NPC OAI Kit-Non-Postage Paid (1) $20.20
G-1321 NPC OAI Kits-Non-Postage Paid (50) $1010.00
G-1322 NPC OAI Kits-Non-Postage Paid (100) $2020.00
G-1451 NPC OAI Kit-Postage Paid (1) $25.20
G-1454 NPC OAI Kits Postage Paid (50) $1247.50
G-1455 NPC OAI Kits Postage Paid (100) $2495.00

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Oil Analyzers, Inc. 2206 Winter St., Superior, WI 54880
(715) 395-0222 - phone/fax
E-Mail Contact:
[email protected]

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