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What about Oil Additives like Slick 50, Prolong, Zmax and others

The fact is they are totally useless and in many cases actually detrimental to your engine. The Federal Trade Commission has issued charges of false and deceptive advertising that these and many other additive manufacturers have misled consumers into believing that their products offer increased engine protection and performance when added to your motor oil.

After market lubes "the true snake oils" why you should never think about using them

In fact, here are a few links to releases from the Federal Trade Commission with regard to the effectiveness of different oil additives. Each link opens in a new window. When finished reading each piece, simply close the window to return to this tour.

In short, the FTC releases above indicate that all of these companies have used deceptive advertising in order to mislead consumers into believing that their products offer advanced engine protection and performance over motor oil alone.

The truth is that not one of these companies has been able to offer any test results which prove conclusively that any benefit is gained from their products' use. AMSOIL, on the other hand, has 3 decades of test results and testimonials proving that their oils do exactly what the company says they do.

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