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AMSOIL Motor Oil, interval and Filter Recommendation For GMC Duramax Turbo Diesel Trucks

GMC Chevy Duramax

Chevrolet GMC Duramax increases Efficiency with AMSOIL Diesel lubricants.

AMSOIL HD 15W40 and 5W30 increases MPG 3% to 8%

The #1 comment is regarding the improved mileage and smoother engine performance. AMSOIL is the only synthetic diesel oil designed for extended intervals which can resist the added sheer caused by new diesel emissions systems which increase soot, heat, foaming and rust.. Find out why people have trusted AMSOIL Diesel oils since 1976.

Reach 25,000 miles or more before changing engine oil. You don't have to go that long, but AMSOIL knows the product (AME 15W40) will neutralize soot and acids, retain its viscosity, resist sheer and reduce oil temperatures in turbo and non-turbocharged diesel engines for that duration.

AMSOIL ATF Transmission Fluid lasts three times longer and reduces temperatures under load up to 50 degrees saving transmissions and fuel.

AMSOIL Bypass System with new AMS-Oiler pre lube kit.

  • GMC Duramax 6.5 uses the AMSOIL SDF-52 Oil Filter or the BMK-17 By-Pass Filtration Kit
  • GMC Duramax 6.6 uses the AMSOIL SDF-52 Oil Filter or the BMK-17 By-Pass Filtration Kit
  • 1994 to 1999 - Engine uses 7.1 quarts with filter. In 2000+ use 10 quarts

All Duramax engine oil change recommendation recommend from 2500 for early models "severe" or "high use" to 5000 to 7500 miles for the 6.6 in average use.

Now, AMSOIL AME 15W40 is rated for the Chevrolet Duramax Turbodiesel for drain intervals 25,000 miles or one year. Although the AMSOIL SDF-52 is rated for 7,000 miles or 6-months, simply change the filter at that point and top off.

AMSOIL is introducing our new line of filters around October which will go beyond anything.

The new Donaldson Nano-Tech Endurance filter will carry the AMSOIL name and will be rated to 25,000 miles also.

By October 2005, all AMSOIL SDF filters will be made by Donaldson using the endurance technology meaning the filters used on our by-pass units will also hold this extended oil filter change interval!

We strongly recommend you review this article from Al Amatuzio (CEO of AMSOIL) regarding the AMSOIL Donaldson partnership and the quality of this company.

*A Must* - Retain optimum fuel efficiency and extend life of your injector and pump with the AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive. This is a very cost effective product which is very popular with our return customers because it makes a difference. Please examine the data on the AMSOIL ADC Fuel Concentrate.

Increase economy even more using the new AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W90 or 75W140 which has a interval of 100,000 miles.

Use oil analysis (available here) and reach beyond the recommended 25,000 or longer on class 6, 7 or 8 vehicles. 40,000 to 200,000 miles per oil change. (By-Pass filter needed to achieve oil life beyond 30,000 miles in the Duramax.) Using analysis gives you the piece of mind you deserve and is a more responsible method to monitor the crankcase conditions rather than the Oil Life System which has no means to measure soot, viscosity, engine wear, moisture and oil acidity. Our low cost Analysis Kits also keep an on-going record each time you send in your next sequential sample. One drawback of the earlier Duramax 6.5 engine was the lower oil capacity. The bypass system increases the system capacity allowing for more soot and acid protection - another advantage.

I suggest taking a oil sample before you convert to AMSOIL just to see the current condition of the oil you are using especially if you bought your truck used. And also to note or be alerted to any wear conditions that may exist. Then once you have installed the appropriate AMSOIL synthetic oil and filter, change your filter and top off at your next normal interval. Example, If you are doing 4000 - 5000 mile oil changes currently, change your AMSOIL SDF filter at that point (7000 is a good point with the AMSOIL oil filter), then top off the oil. Keep the AMSOIL AME 15W40 in for up to 25,000 miles but change the filter at either 7K intervals or 6-months.

Please examine the our suggested AMSOIL 15W40 and HDD 5W30. There are several benefits but mainly lower engine operating oil temperatures by 10 to 20 degrees, zero sludge and soot deposits. Resistance to harmful corrosion (which is why this is is also a marine oil), the guarantee and increased mileage. This product is responsible for many of my customers becoming dealers and has earned us several city fleet accounts. The 15W40 is amazingly low cost, so if you are not using it, you are just throwing away good money.

With the 15W40 you simply cannot get a better value in motor oil. Since 1976 this has been improved constantly to exceed all future engine, EPA and API requirements. Try it out and you will never switch back. If you are in extreme low temperature areas, we also suggest the AMS-Oiler for easier winter starting.

Change your Mind - NOT Your Oil!

Switch to AMSOIL 15W40 or 5W30 HDD save time, fuel and cut your oil consumption significantly.

This means your use of AMSOIL HDD in your GMC Duramax can be used up to 25,000 miles or one year if no analysis is used. Knowing that GM designs these intervals to be conservative (using conventional SAE 40 motor oils), the use of an oil analysis will generally prove that the AMSOIL HDD (or AME) is still within the proper specs regarding to alkalinity, wear metals, soot, NOx% (nitration and oxidation), water, fuel, etc.. The whole point of AMSOIL is to reduce costs and increase the life of your engine and drive train. The ANALYSIS company makes the recommendation to help you dial in on this.

Why in the world would you change the oil if it's still good? There is no benefit. And why would you use another oil when AMSOIL users experience instant fuel economy increases of 5% to 15%?? (6% to 15% when AMSOIL is used through out the power train and intake filters)

It is highly likely when using analysis your results will return saying - continue use till next interval - change filter and top off.. It's still good! you save money, have a new filter and replaced about 2-quarts raising the level of acid and soot control even when new EGR systems are used.

"I'm so tired of $60+ oil changes every 3 weeks and having to wait and watch over some one else change my oil! What is bulk oil anyway?" AMSOIL 15W40 is the solution to this problem!

For your first order two or three SDF-52 filters, one 4-gallon case of (AME) 15W40, and 2 cans of our (AEF-CN) engine flush for high mileage changeovers when converting to synthetic for the first time. Optional order the Diesel Fuel additive ADC) to restore injector performance, reduce soot and lubricate injectors from low sulfur fuel and the analysis kit (G-1451)

Once you have changed your oil, watch your mileage. Most customers are pleased with the added mileage. Try our Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD) 5W30 for even more efficiency in the Duramax.

Most AMSOIL diesel customers buy direct to get the best price and ordering simplicity.

By-Pass Remote Filtration Units - Eliminate virtually all engine wear

  • BMK-17 (complete with filters ) Chevrolet GMC Duramax Diesel in pickups, etc.
  • SDF-26 and BE-100 (Filters Included)

Use our By-Pass filtration kits and extend changes even further while virtually eliminating all engine wear. (Filters less than 1 micron particle size and will hold up to a quart of water).. If you don't use AMSOIL use the By-pass kit at least. It filters 5 quarts in 5 minutes at 45 miles per hour. When using AMSOIL HDD Diesel your engine will run smother, quieter and many even notice a decrease in engine drag. Our gear and differential lubes will add to the economy. Most use the Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine 15W-40, AMSOIL grease, 75W-90 gear lube and the Universal ATF in the automatics.

If you want to avoid problems with soot and deposits, the By-Pass is your solution. Generally costs between $150 to $240 each depending on which engine you have and if you use the single, dual remote or Dual Guard.

For your Duramax order the BMK-17 mounting system. Includes the SDF-26 full flow filter and the BE-100 By-Pass unit. I also suggest at least one Oil Analysis kit G1451 so you can take a sample of the existing oil before you drain to have something to compare with AMSOIL and make sure there are no issues currently.

In Heavy Duty Diesel Commercial trucks it in not unusual for the engine manufacturer to recommend 25,000 and 50,000 without By-Pass filtration. Mack has designed an engine for 40,000 miles per change recently. AMSOIL has been tested on the road using analysis and By-Pass filtration for up to 409,000 miles.

For the best price on all AMSOIL products sign up as a Preferred Customer for just $20 per year and order direct wholesale. For more information visit - What is a Preferred Customer.

AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive is available at a great price. Fuel pressures as high as 23,000-psi demand much from the high-pressure pump and solenoid-controlled fuel injectors, so this is definitely an area to not overlook.

NEW Filters to upgrade below available in October. No details as of yet but the name is Absolute Efficiency!

TS-123 AMSOIL Flowzair Air filter for Duramax 6.6- (1994-2000 6.5 uses TS111) Both Chevy and GMC (except 2000 Chevy and all vans use TS-83.)

Air restriction will kill performance in a TURBO charged diesel. Take advantage of AMSOIL's newly re-engineered 2-stage foam air filters. Same pricing, better materials. A properly designed dual-stage oiled-foam element traps dirt better than any other filter media. AMSOIL has recently upgraded their materials for more dispersant area in the foam. The 2nd stage material is a new Polyethylene closed cell based mater treated with a new filter oil. This new material contains 125,000 ppi3 (pores per cubic inch). And the 1st stage a new 8000 ppi3 pores per cubic inch. Delivers a phenomenal 2000 SQft of filtration surface area per cubic foot of filter media. More contamination trapping surface area than any filter known. Now an 18% better air flow and 99.5% cumulative efficiency rating.

Also re-designed is the gasket sealing edge utilizing a new base material. A blue Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which not only looks better, but also creates an un-compromised seal, better fit and designed to be used over several times. Vibration proof positive sealing with as little as 10% compression and more.

The metal support frame has been improved to an 18-gauge and the hole size changed to 3.96 mm circular–turbo-perforations to assure air flow is maximized! Typically weaker materials would flex under the Duramax turbocharger vacuum.

We can also offer you a great price on Hastings fuel filters which should not be ignored for regular maintenance or you may loose all performance. The fuel filters are the most overlooked part in most diesel engines.

We also have the Hastings line of Fuel Filters (FF1120) and the Transmission spin-on (hydraulic) filter. (HF992) Call to match your year

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